One of the chapters of the book “Good to Great” from Jim Collins called “Buildup and Breakthrough” said that the flywheel image captures the overall feel of anybody of what it was, like inside the companies, when goes from Good to Great.

I would like to point it out, according Collins. Good to Great, isn’t that an awesome statement? Good to Great. Don’t you think that a high percentage of people com;y themselves in “to do things good” and stay there all the time?!–break–; Felling that that is enough…

To be good is like always tough us the traditional education. Be good… Be as good as you can… Make good… You have to change things from bad to good… and so on. Good is the last parameter of comparison you have to go and the last high step of being in the world, for your family, for the environment and behavior, the high measurement that you have to accomplished.

Be a Good wife or husband, be a good worker, be a good citizen, be a good in everything is society well behavior. But that is now bad, that is good, but you are going to stay just being good, why don’t we go any further? And I am 100 percent agree… as Collin said:”Good is the enemy of Great” this is the biggest and brilliant statement to go forward your goals. Don’t you think? Let me analyze some points.

Those words, at the light of the what Mike Dillard said tithe his brilliant teachings of attraction marketing are enlightening. Maybe you think that this two don’t match… could be, but I am talking about where those two are connected! Both are connect by the Human Being.

Yes, we are talking about human being, both are based on the behavior of human being. One applied to the behavior within the company and the other about the behavior that makes one person attractive to others. As you see both are taking about human behavior,they are talking about psychological involvement in the action of humans.

When Mike ask himself “why do people become famous?” his is taking about people, about human beings! When Collin said “Good to great comes by accumulative process-step-by-step, action, decision by decision, turn by turn of the flywheel – that adds to sustained and spectacular what he is going to share with us is at the core of Human-to Human attraction. How you got to that result? He did that Attraction is not a choice…and we ask..what it is then? “The answer lies in basic human psychology…” period.

He said that “It’s a biological/instinctual trigger that involved millions of years to help keep you alive… “The same that create companies, the survival instinct that has being engrain in us …they cannot survive on their own, so we be formed trusting groups and families. Taking the distances..aren’t we talking about the same thing? Mike said as Collin that you are going through a process of moving from a follower, to an up-and-coming leader to a recognized leader… step-by-step. “Belief always comes before results” and that is what we are looking forward. Belief leads to certain actions and behaviors.

Those actions and behaviors will give dedication, time, and affirmation, those actions and behaviors will turn you into the type of person you need to be in order to generate the results you seek as Mike says. Collins give an example of a successful company that have being growing step-by-step and he pointed basically it importance.

How it look from the outside, it look like dramatic, almost revolutionary breakthroug. But from the inside, it fells completely different, more like an organic development process.

It’s an analogy, granted.. is using it to highlight a very important finding., the one big thing, the miracle moment that defined breakthroug. It was a whole bunch of interlocking pieces that build one upon another.e lasting transformations from Good to Great follow a general pattern to buildup followed by breakthrough. He said that in some times, the buildup-to-breakthrough stage takes a long time, in other cases, a shorter time. But, finally it doesn’t matter how short or long it takes, every Good-to-Great transformation followed the same basic pattern – accumulating momentum, turn by turn, of the flywheel… until build-up transformed into breakthrough.

That is true, ” The Good is the enemy of the Great.”

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