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The Power Of Belief


Talking about belief is an imperative way of thinking when comes the time to evaluate our business in Internet Marketing industry results.

As everyone else, we start with a lot of enthusiasm to get easy and huge results but in the short run the enthusiasm declines day by day causes by the slow move results that you expected to have instantly, like magic. This is a critical moment of belief.

That happens to all of us, and moreover, having a part-time job in this industry as we all have at the beginning. You don’t belief that you can make it and stick to your old job because you don’t belief that to get rid of you job will never happen.
Is not because of your efforts to this cause is because of all the information you received further more you don’t know how to organize it and make it works.
Then is the moment when you feel the overwhelm all around you and this compel you to stop working harder.
At this point is when you have to look for a partner or a mentor and join a team to guide you to organize all that information and show you the way you can be successful or at least have some results step by step. You have to start to belief in you and that you can do it and your guidance, your lecture, to listen mindset material will show the path and give you strength to go forward.


That is why Mike Hobbs said that he used to believe making money from home was not possible…
And he continues…
– “Guest what?
– I changed my belief and my income dramatically
– Check out his video on this below!”

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Recently I read about the Human Nature a

Recently I read about the Human Nature and as I was thinking of things that are now happening around the world, brought to my mind this readings. So, this recreation is for you, take a break and stop a moment to think on those things again, and again… and ask yourselves – Do these people have any reason?

“Niccolo Machiavelli and Thomas Aquinas both presented their views….Check “From The Editor’s” opinion.

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Attraction Marketing System

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TRIBEPRO MEMBERS: Social Proof Plugin You Want On Your Blog!

TRIBEPRO MEMBERS: Social Proof Plugin You Want On Your Blog!.

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One of the chapters of the book “Good to Great” from Jim Collins called “Buildup and Breakthrough” said that the flywheel image captures the overall feel of anybody of what it was, like inside the companies, when goes from Good to Great.

I would like to point it out, according Collins. Good to Great, isn’t that an awesome statement? Good to Great. Don’t you think that a high percentage of people com;y themselves in “to do things good” and stay there all the time?!–break–; Felling that that is enough…

To be good is like always tough us the traditional education. Be good… Be as good as you can… Make good… You have to change things from bad to good… and so on. Good is the last parameter of comparison you have to go and the last high step of being in the world, for your family, for the environment and behavior, the high measurement that you have to accomplished.

Be a Good wife or husband, be a good worker, be a good citizen, be a good in everything is society well behavior. But that is now bad, that is good, but you are going to stay just being good, why don’t we go any further? And I am 100 percent agree… as Collin said:”Good is the enemy of Great” this is the biggest and brilliant statement to go forward your goals. Don’t you think? Let me analyze some points.

Those words, at the light of the what Mike Dillard said tithe his brilliant teachings of attraction marketing are enlightening. Maybe you think that this two don’t match… could be, but I am talking about where those two are connected! Both are connect by the Human Being.

Yes, we are talking about human being, both are based on the behavior of human being. One applied to the behavior within the company and the other about the behavior that makes one person attractive to others. As you see both are taking about human behavior,they are talking about psychological involvement in the action of humans.

When Mike ask himself “why do people become famous?” his is taking about people, about human beings! When Collin said “Good to great comes by accumulative process-step-by-step, action, decision by decision, turn by turn of the flywheel – that adds to sustained and spectacular what he is going to share with us is at the core of Human-to Human attraction. How you got to that result? He did that Attraction is not a choice…and we ask..what it is then? “The answer lies in basic human psychology…” period.

He said that “It’s a biological/instinctual trigger that involved millions of years to help keep you alive… “The same that create companies, the survival instinct that has being engrain in us …they cannot survive on their own, so we be formed trusting groups and families. Taking the distances..aren’t we talking about the same thing? Mike said as Collin that you are going through a process of moving from a follower, to an up-and-coming leader to a recognized leader… step-by-step. “Belief always comes before results” and that is what we are looking forward. Belief leads to certain actions and behaviors.

Those actions and behaviors will give dedication, time, and affirmation, those actions and behaviors will turn you into the type of person you need to be in order to generate the results you seek as Mike says. Collins give an example of a successful company that have being growing step-by-step and he pointed basically it importance.

How it look from the outside, it look like dramatic, almost revolutionary breakthroug. But from the inside, it fells completely different, more like an organic development process.

It’s an analogy, granted.. is using it to highlight a very important finding., the one big thing, the miracle moment that defined breakthroug. It was a whole bunch of interlocking pieces that build one upon another.e lasting transformations from Good to Great follow a general pattern to buildup followed by breakthrough. He said that in some times, the buildup-to-breakthrough stage takes a long time, in other cases, a shorter time. But, finally it doesn’t matter how short or long it takes, every Good-to-Great transformation followed the same basic pattern – accumulating momentum, turn by turn, of the flywheel… until build-up transformed into breakthrough.

That is true, ” The Good is the enemy of the Great.”

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A group of professionals, all winners in their careers, joined to visit their friend professor.

Soon the chat became complaints about the endless ‘stress’ that they produced the work and life in general.

The professor offered coffee, went to the kitchen and soon returned with a large coffee and a selection of cups of the most eclectic: porcelain, plastic, glass, glass, some simple and inexpensive, other design, some expensive, put really exquisite…

Quietly told them they chose a cup and will serve a little coffee recently prepared. When it had done, the old master clarified the throat and very calm and patience went to the group: -You will realized that all cups that looks beautiful were completed first and were few of the called simple and inexpensive; what is natural, since each who prefers the best for itself.

This is really the cause of many of their problems relating to the ‘stress’.

Continued: -I assure you that the cup does not added quality coffee. In truth the cup only disguises or dress up what we drink.

And, I say: it happens in our whole life, and more in our business. Our tools are only the cups and dress up what we drink.

The professor follows saying: -What you wanted was the coffee, not the cup, but instinctively sought the best.

-Afterwards they looked at others cups

. -Now think about this: continued the professor: -Life is the coffee.

So, I compared: Our business is what we really want to taste, the coffee.

The work, money, the social position, etc. are mere cups, that shape and the life support and the type of cup that we have not defined or really change the quality of life that we carry on or what we programed.

Often, by concentrate only on the cup we don’t enjoy the coffee.

Enjoy your Coffee!!! Work to really enjoy the coffe that is the life itself, the life you would like to reach with different types of cups but the important thing is to enjoy the coffee.

The people happier is not that which has the best of everything but the one that makes the best with what they have;

Remember always: Enjoy every moment of your life.

Have peace.

Invests in your spiritual riches.

Invests in your coffee.

Make your life a feast each day.

Displayed 10 minutes each day to the good thing you want to see in your life.

The rest leave it to the destination.

And remember: the richest person is not the one that more query, but is the one that least needs.

Enjoy your coffee!

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