Is the Digital Economy at our doors?  If it is, how it will affect our economy?


CNN Money publish some  News about this Crackdown…

Alibaba bans Bitcoin amid China crackdown

By Charles Riley  @CRrileyCNN January 9, 2014: 12:32 AM ET

What it says?

China’s top Internet retailer has prohibited the use of Bitcoin on its shopping platforms amid a regulatory crackdown targeting the digital currency.

It appears in the HONG KONG news (CNNMoney) as:

The decision will make practical use of bitcoin even more difficult in China, despite massive interest from investors in the alternative currency.

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Alibaba said in a post on its website that the regulation will take effect on January 19, and would extend to other digital currencies including Litecoins.

John Spelich, a company spokesman, confirmed the policy in an email saying the ban was implemented “in the interest of consumer protection.”

Demand for bitcoin has been particularly strong in China, where investors have eagerly embraced the currency and helped drive its price to dramatic highs above $1,000 in recent weeks.

But regulators have taken a dim view of Bitcoin, and the central bank last month issued rules that prohibit financial institutions from dealing in the digital currency.

To listen to the Ron Paul  interview about Bitcon. Click link below:

Ron Paul: Bitcoin could help end dollar

This article is so clear describing such situation…and we pay attention to what it said.

“While the central bank did not outlaw or prohibit people from owning bitcoin, the guidelines specify that it is not to be considered a currency. The new rules prohibit financial institutions in China from trading, underwriting or offering insurance in bitcoin.
Chinese regulators have also directed third-party payment services to stop working with bitcoin exchanges.
This is not the first time that Beijing has moved to place restrictions on an alternative currency. The central bank also took a dim view of the QQ coin, a popular virtual currency created by tech pioneer Tencent. The government restricted its use to virtual products in 2009.”

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In the United States, lawmakers have examined potential regulations for Bitcoin, which is the currency of choice on certain online markets for drugs and other illicit goods.
You can read this message:

Senate takes a close look at Bitcoin
By Jose Pagliery @Jose_Pagliery November 18, 2013: 4:02 PM ET


Just as the price of a Bitcoin reaches record highs, a U.S. Senate committee is taking a closer look at the world’s favorite decentralized digital currency.

There are so many questions around this matter… Here are some…

“Are tight regulations to come?

Do politicians see a currency they can’t track or control as a threat — or an asset?

It’s anyone’s guess. But it’s clear bitcoins are growing in popularity. The price of the currency soared to a new all-time high of $675 Monday, up from only $12 a year ago. Without meddling banks in between transactions, bitcoins trade seamlessly and offer nearly as much privacy as cash.

That’s why the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs is hearing from various sides Monday. According to prepared statements from the Justice Department, an official at the DOJ said it needs more help catching criminals who use the secretive currency. Meanwhile, Bitcoin users want the government to back off and let the system blossom.

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Law enforcement doesn’t like the anonymity: There are legitimate uses for bitcoins. But it’s also being used to anonymously buy drugs, hire assassins, trade child porn and dodge taxes.

The nation’s acting assistant attorney general, Mythili Raman, described the more notorious ways bitcoins are being used. She mentioned the recent FBI shutdown of Silk Road, an online black market. Illicit drugs and services — like hacking — were sold they’re using the (mostly) untraceable currency. The agency arrested its alleged founder and seized 170,000 BTC, valued at $101 million as of Monday afternoon.

The way bitcoins are transacted — using coded wallets and special keys that don’t need real names — enables real privacy. Raman said that makes it more difficult to follow the money and catch criminals. It would be easier to fight crime with “appropriate anti-money laundering and know-your-customer controls,” she said.

Along those lines, there are concerns that those making money from sex trafficking and pornography involving children have started to adopt Bitcoin.

The International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children noted how anonymity offered by Bitcoin has made it the currency of choice for predators. The nonprofit group’s president, Ernie Allen, says he’s not against the digital economy. But he wants it less private.

“If the perception of anonymity diminishes, we believe the criminal use will diminish with it,” he said in prepared remarks.

Edward Lowery III, who leads the Secret Service’s criminal investigative division, added that the technologically complex Bitcoin system makes it hard for everyday agents to stay on targets’ tails. They need more tech-savvy investigators than the agency can currently afford.

Also chiming in was the potential regulator that could one-day ruin the unregulated Bitcoin party: The Treasury Department.

Treasury already issued guidance in March saying that groups exchanging bitcoins must register with the government and keep records. Everyday bitcoin users stay unregulated. Jennifer Shasky Calvery is head of the department’s financial crimes unit and warned about leaving the bitcoin community untouched.

“One of our biggest challenges is striking the right balance between the costs and benefits of regulation,” she said.

The Bitcoin community doesn’t want too much regulation: Fans of Bitcoin say the currency is going mainstream, and it’s not just for internet weirdos. That’s why they want the government to give it a chance to grow and thrive without tacking on burdensome rules.

The Bitcoin Foundation, a group that seeks to strengthen the digital system, is trying to convince politicians the currency works as is.

“The American people have been reminded this year of reasons to be concerned for their privacy,” says the group’s attorney, Patrick Murck, referring to the recent disclosures about unwarranted government spying on innocent citizens.

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The group also notes that meetings with financial regulators have gone well so far, but the Treasury Department should have met with Bitcoin supporters before taking a stance earlier this year.

Academic researchers say that coming down too hard on the digital currency could push its innovative potential abroad.

Jerry Brito, a senior research fellow at George Mason University’s Mercatus Center, feels that entrepreneurs have a lot to gain from bitcoins. Without banks, they’re also more accessible to the world’s poorest. Plus, they’re not controlled by a central bank that can run rampant printing money and bring on hyperinflation.

But regulators can’t get their heads around it. They might want to treat it as a foreign currency, a commodity or a payments network — but it’s not any of those. However, stopping it would be a dumb move.

“Restricting the use of Bitcoin will only ensure that criminals alone will use the technology,” Brito and research assistant Andrea Castillo wrote in a report to Congress.

First Published: November 18, 2013: 4:02 PM ET

With this report you will have to think about it and have your eyes open because this is just  happening in china and here what?  Are we going to be in the same place?  Is the influence coming to us?  Or if it comes, do we know how to deal with it?

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I was so surprise when I  was navigating and saw this article title…

“Why It’s a Mistake For Brands to Ignore Tumblr”

Your know why?  Because on my three years struggling in this industry I thought that this website was very popular and very dear for the internet fans!

Big Surprise we’ll see every dawn!

I start reading this article and found that to ignore this website came from the brands… the big brands because of the competition there is in the industry.  The Big Fish each the Small ones…  and I am not mention anyone because this is a bolgar way of talking…

One of the things the article writer asked himself was the most basic and element question… He pretend, for this purpose, that he just understand the basics of the internet but was not a user of the social platform  and he start asking you or me about the social media; What’s Facebook?  What’s Twitter?  What’s Instagram?

And for sure, all readers of this blog,  everybody, will have an answer because they use fluently those platforms.

But he don’t leave it there… he continue asking another question….What’s Tumblr?  He said that he would bet that at this point the definitions start to differ.

“It’s a blogging platform, like WordPress or Typepad.”

“It’s a social network where people share all sorts of content.”

“It’s a website for theme-based GIF repositories.”

I really understand it now, because I just create my new blog in the Social Platform.

He, Jon Thomas is a digital Digital Strategist at TracyLocke, an Omnicom agency storyteller and presentation designer,  who wrote: ” For the record, Tumblr defines itself as a platform that “lets you effortlessly share anything” including “text, photos, quotes, links, music and videos.” But the six-year-old content platform is still commonly misunderstood by brands and agencies as it relates to social strategy”.

Just for an illustration check this out:

socialmediaicons (1)tumblr

Even its self-definition fails to clearly define its focus, its user base or its potential as a place to engage with fans through organic and paid media.

As you can see there is an absence of its presence in the common illustrations or if it is the image is very little.

Like this one:

images (7)tumblr

He continues his articles with another question…

“Should your brand be on Tumblr? Let’s discuss.

Embracing the Creators

Even though Tumblr is often forgotten by brands, it’s still a massive community. In fact, the absence of brands (and the only recent emergence of in-stream advertising) may play a big part in the site’s continued rapid growth. More than 107.5 million blogs and 50.5 billion posts have been created on Tumblr, including the more than 70 million new posts that appear every day.”

images (4)tumblr

This is what I just love of Tumblr and why I decide to use it and create one of my blogs there.

“But aside from the numbers, what’s impressive about Tumblr is the type of content and community it has. Though users can certainly post short text-based updates akin to what they would on Twitter or Facebook, the platform is more often used to express a user’s creativity or even their fandom regarding a brand. It’s a very visual medium and one of the few that can accommodate the GIF, which has produced a new source of content creators for Tumblr.”

This is really amazing.  This platform bring us something else… Isn’t it?

“Embracing the GIF

Though it was introduced almost two decades ago by CompuServe, the GIF has made a comeback of late, acting as a lo-fi method of short-form-video sharing. The file format, whose initials stand for graphics interchange format, has allowed content creators to express themselves through relevant video. Many Tumblr blogs dedicated to the application of funny GIFs to everyday-life situations have popped up. As a soon-to-be dad, I’ve found “The Pregnant Husband” to be one of my favorites.

Fans are also utilizing the format to distill their favorite moments from a television show into a few seconds and add narration in the form of overlying text (since GIFs don’t have audio). Shortly after a television show airs, the best moments can commonly be seen on Tumblr. This practice is actually what makes Tumblr such fertile ground for television networks.

Embracing TV

Television networks regularly create Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for their respective programs in an attempt to foster conversation and generate a community for fans. This is certainly a sound strategy, since many conversations about TV shows occur on these platforms. But are they paying attention to where the superfans gather? Because some of the most passionate TV fans are gathering on Tumblr.

Just head over to Tumblr and search for your favorite television show (you’ll have to set up a free account if you don’t already have one). Can’t think of a show? Try searching for HIMYM, the initials of How I Met Your Mother, which just wrapped up its eighth (and next to last) season. What you’ll find is animated GIFs, images, quotations, songs, text-based reactions and more related to the season finale, which aired on Monday.


Self five!!






This is why I like to continue with this Post because I found a great  reassurance when you know that what you are using has this kind of dimensions.

“It’s a smorgasbord of content organized in a way that few other platforms could manage. Twitter has hashtags but is still largely text based. Facebook can support images and text images (11)but doesn’t organize them well. Tumblr’s flexibility in the types of content it can publish, as well as its tagging functionality, offers something unique to fans, which is rare in today’s age of “me too” social platforms.

Networks are taking notice too. We’ve talked before about HBO seeing how much user-generated content was being created for its hit show Girls and creating a Tumblr blog tumblr  logodedicated to curating it.

Tumblr has carved a niche in the crowded world of social media; it is just taking brands a long time to notice. But that may play in your brand’s favor. A few brands have firmly planted their feet in Tumblr, particularly now that it has a growing ad platform, but it’s still a place where your brand can establish a presence before its competitors do.

images (9)tumblr images (10)tumblrimages (2) tumblr





Like any platform, it’s not going to be the right fit for every brand, so do your research images (2) social mediabefore diving in headfirst. But there’s a good chance you will find engaging fans and user-generated content you’ve never seen before.

Photo Credit: Scott Beale via Compfight cc

So why you do not try and after all this said you will not regret to test this platform that offers you so many things that maybe the others does have in different way than this one.

Just try it and let us see!!!

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic



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mano interrogacion

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Elegant-Social-Media-Icons-Version-2.0 download (1) AGUA FB 12483277-vector-smart-phone-social-media-iconsfacebook-64x64Did you ask yourself this question? Do you think that you can post the whole time on Facebook? At any hour? Any minute? Any second?

Well, I don’t think so! There is a time for all things…

A time to wake-up, a time to have breakfast, a time to work, a time to eat, a time to love, a time for entertainment, even a time to get sick, and more over a time to die. When Is the Best Time to Post on Facebook?


I read an article that I found very interesting and Revealer. I would like to comment it and share with all the people that is always posting and uploading any kind of material. If you would like to know all over there are many studies and surveys analyzing this subject. But the main thing about this is that neither one have a unanimous opinion, the real truth is that the most of these studies conflict with one another. But let us see the writer of this post opinion and analysis. She says that the best time to post depends on your business and your audience. If we look backwards to our marketing knowledge this statement comes out on all what have been written about this matter.


The best time to advertise depends on the type of business you manage and the target audience you are directing your ads. As simple as that! But let us go further in the analysis…

Danielle Cormier’s opinion is that With a little extra effort and a little creative thinking, you can determine the best time for you. First of all you have to Focus on understanding your audience. Some of researches investigate that a Facebook brand post will get half of its reach in the 30 minutes after it is published, according to updated data provided to MarketingCharts by Socialbakers.

Consequently, you should try to determine when your fans are on Facebook and aim to schedule your posts around that time. Cornier set some steps to be aware and implement them in case you are looking for more information. Step 1: Determine who your audience is. Look at your Facebook demographics. bigstock--D-Business-Merge-Concept-42970804 They may be different than you think. You can review the age range and gender breakdown by Opening your Facebook Insights and visiting the “Likes” tab. If you have multiple locations or a large customer base, you will want to review the Location of your audience as they may be spread across various time zones.


Step: 2: Think about what their day looks like.10605557-demographic-infographics-variety-of-people Now that you know the demographic of your audience, think about their day — is your Typical fan a mom? A student? Likely to work at 9-5 job? All of these factors can help Determine the best time to post on your page. Step 3: Apply what you know. Use the information you now have about your audience to post effectively. These Facebook statistics might also help provide more insight about posting best practices. Today, more people access Facebook from a mobile device than a desktop — 751 million monthly active users to be exact. Smartphone owners even spend more time checking

Facebook on their mobile device than they do using Google. (For those who are skeptical about their fans viewing their Facebook content via mobile, don’t worry. You can check it all out on Facebook Insights.) One of the prove that we have that the activity in changing from the PC/Mc desktop is the Revolutionary movements now launching:

What’s the first thing you do when you get out of bed each morning? Brush your teeth? Feed your dog? Take a shower? How about check your phone? Don’t worry—you’re not alone. A new study from IDC Research released this week found that 80% of smartphone users check their mobile devices within 15 minutes of waking up each morning.


Also, Facebook announced a new type of mobile experience that could provide a glimpse into the future of social media. Read about these top stories and more in this week’s marketing news roundup. 80% of Smartphone Users Check Their Phones Before Brushing Their Teeth … smartphone in bed(2) smartphone(2)

80% of smartphone users check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up

According to the latest report from IDC Research, which examined habits of smartphone users, 79% of adult smartphone users have their phones with them for 22 hours a day. LAGRIMAS FBWhen it comes to the amount of time users actual spend on their phones, the survey found that adults are now spending an average of 87 minutes communicating and using social media on their phones Monday through Thursday, and more than 160 minutes Friday through Sunday. social media icon (2) Bottom Line: The tight-knit relationship your customers share with their smartphones and other mobile devices has changed the way people view and interact with the world. Facebook Home introduces an entirely new kind of social media experience.


Rather than having to access different apps and navigate the different areas of the social platform, you can experience everything right from your smartphone home screen. Danielle Cormier said that whether people it’s checking their email first thing in the morning, getting an endless stream of updates on social media throughout the day, or having access to limitless amounts of information through mobile search—your customer’s online habits are evolving. And so should yours!


 It’s likely that your fans are reaching for their phones and scanning their newsfeed as they start their day. This creates an optimal time to post. In the last month or so, I’ve tested posting between the hours of 6:30-8:30am on the Constant Contact Facebook Page and have seen great results. “Smartphone owners tend to reach for their phones around meal times and 86 percent of mobile internet users report using their device while watching TV. These individuals also spend almost double their time accessing social media via a mobile device on the weekends compared to weekdays. Don’t jump to any conclusions just yet though. Weekends and weekdays, between 5:00-8:00pm, aren’t necessarily the optimal time to post because of newsfeed competition. During these hours, you’re likely to compete with your fans’ hundreds of friends and the other brands they follow.”


“On the Constant Contact Facebook Page, I’ve noticed that our posts receive the most engagement during off-peak hours when less overall posting is going on.

Try to find your engagement sweet spot by determining the intersection of time when the majority of your audience is on Facebook and the time when the least overall posting is occurring.”

images fbook

“Studies have also shown that more than half of users only access Facebook when they’re not at work or school. Also, the hours that people are commuting to and from work shows mobile usage peaks.

Although it’s not safe if they’re driving, many mobile social media users are checking their phones on the way to work, which creates a great time to post about your business.”


When is a good time to post on Facebook?

√ Early morning

χ During work (9am – 5pm)

√ Between work and dinner

χ After dinner (TV time)

√ Bedtime

χ Weekends

LOGO FB 4 lightbulb-sunset-facebook-cover LOGO BARQUILLA

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Everything you need to become a SUPER Af

Everything you need to become a SUPER Affiliate…ALL for FREE!

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Everything you need to become a SUPER Af

Everything you need to become a SUPER Affiliate…ALL for FREE!

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WINNERS QUIT FAST, QUIT OFTEN, AND QUIT WITHOUT GUILT. Is a Post that al have being through…If not love your comments

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HANGOUT – 25-02-2013 LEVERAGE… How Much do YOU Need For Success?

LEVERAGE was the topic that a group of gals joinned to express their opinions about How much to do You need for to Success.

If you miss it Watch the video below, now.

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As a review of this exponential topic it resumes in three steps:

1. Leverage through your daily post writing an article with valuable content so everybody who read it could learn something new, give them tips and make their work easy and more manageable.

2. Use Videos to leverage your business and used it as a tool to get closer to people who need tips to continue and go forward to conquer their dreams.

3. Think on real values when it takes you to used any social media website and create any time a relationship to get acquaintance with your visitors.

Those steps lead you to leverage your business and conquer your dreams.



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_MG_4379 R


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LEVERAGE… How Much do YOU Need For Success?

mujeres_emprendedoras (4)

LEVERAGE… How Much Do YOU Need For Success?

Yes, this is the name of the Hangout

that we are going to held on Monday at 7:30 EST.

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Alecia Stringer,
I am the creator and owner of
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Love to inspire other to have patience
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So I would like to show you more about me
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This group has joint to discover the missing link

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Chante-Epps (4)
Chante Epps
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Creator of:
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Although her passion still lies
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We are not going to find those links alone,

we are going to invite you to participate live

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NicolesPic (1)
Nicole Wilkox

Creator of
is family-owned and operated,
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We’ve learned that too many people
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You will listen to various opinions,

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Patricia McKeon
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Piedad image jpeg
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Leverage…How Much Do You Really Need For Success?

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